Under Article 96 paragraph 1, of the Act of 18 July 2001 on Water Law (Official Journal Nro.115, Item 1229, as amended) the National Council for Water Management shall be an opinion-making and advisory body to the President of the National Water Management Authority.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Water Law Act, the activity profile of the National Council for Water Management shall be to pronounce opinions on the matters of water management, flood control and drought impact, and in particular to present and provide advice on the proposals for:

  • improvements in the state of water resources and flood control throughout the national territory,
  • investment plans and programmes in the field of water management,
  • legal acts regulating water management issues.

The National Council for Water Management shall be composed of 30 members as proposed by the national organisations grouping territorial self governmental entities, and also by the academic circles, scientific and research establishments, and social, economic and environmental organisations active in the field of water management.

The Council may establish permanent or ad hoc committees or teams for which the external experts may be invited to participate in.

The term of the National Council shall be 4 years.